7 of the Best Bicycle Phone Mounts

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Bicycle Phone Mount – Not everybody has got the dollars to get an onboard GPS computer. However, you need the capacity to keep track of your exercise stats through the item on your pocket: your smart phone. Since telephone mounts for handlebars and stems popped up a couple of years back, there has been a good deal of work put into creating them fit for all sorts of cyclist.

Consequently, we have now got an insane number of choices which range from the feature-loaded, to this totally minimal. Take a click via our favorites to obtain an notion about what is on offer.

Best Bicycle Phone Mounts

Biologic Bike Mount WeatherCase

We enjoy how minimal this layout is, and just how much thought goes into the way the phone appears when you are off the bicycle.

Biologic also assert the complete ‘watertight’ tag on account of the sonic welded character of the situation along with also the rainproof zippers. In addition, we adore the 1 year guarantee.


Ibera Smartphone Case and Mount

The Ibera Smartphone Case and stem bracket boasts watertight technology, touch-screen camera and operation friendly purposes. The simple to match handlebar bracket makes lets you angle your phone exactly where you require it.


BikeCityGuide Finn

It is a bit of silicon. That is it. Only some plastic which loops around your pubs along with your cellphone’s corners. And if you are thinking that that can not offer enough help to give you piece of mind when trying an wheelie, you can take a look at their movie at which they surely put this bit of kit through it’s paces. Additionally, it works for nearly any smartphone or apparatus.

The only drawback? A scarcity of being watertight.


Rokform Phone Handlebar Mount

Rokform have been at the telephone bike mount match for decades, and they have built up quite the scope. The advanced locking design lets you take your cellphone on/off in moments, and together with the business’s only lever lock and adjustable security strap, so you can be rest assured that your phone is secure.

Negatives? Again, not chilled. Perhaps one for a luminous, cycle touring vacation.


Quad Lock Bike Kit (iPhone only)

It is sturdy, secure, and features a water-resistant cover which keeps your mobile safe in heavy showers… we simply don’t think that it would take kindly to a dip in a lake.

We have selected to include the iPhone 5/5s version, as well as the iPhone 6 version here, since they are availble via UK providers. On the other hand, the organization do a complete selection of smartphone systems, such as one for assorted Samsung Galaxy versions.


Tigra Sport Bike Console

Tigra has long been a favorite for iPhone-owning cyclists, however at the past couple of years they have worked hard to put in a universal mounting bracket for their roster, along with Power Plus technologies which allows you to control your phone whilst on the move with the inbuilt ion battery.

The instance is weather and shockproof (along with the testimonials regarding both of these claims are great). Head over to the Halfords site for Tigra’s complete Assortment of mounts.


Topeak Ridecase Waterproof Case

Topeak are famous for their dependable and decently priced products, so it is unsurprising that they shine at the telephone mount match with products that seem as though they could not be ruined by means of a digger, never mind a few showers.

The situation also allows for one to really utilize the touchscreen under it. We believe, contemplating Topeak’s history, it is a worthy purchase for those seeking to spend a bit more and feel assured that they will not spring a leak.


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