Bryton Sports – Rider 100 GPS Cycling Computer Review

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To inform you how much you had ridden and how fast you’re going was the thing. In the event that you kept an eye on your riding you had a notebook full how quickly, if you needed it, and your maximum and average heartbeat. Those days might not be gone for a few however the way has changed we save, capture, and discuss our rides.

Bryton Sports

Satellites are used by A GPS cyclocomputer to sense and your rate and documents it second by second you might want it to catch like power output or heart rate. There are lots of GPS units in overall together with ones which are unique to bikers for athletes out there. Garmin, you might have known of them dominates the sector but there are high quality products out there. Bryton Sports is one of.

They have been in existence for a couple of years and have had the time to come up with a range of goods which range from GPS watches for jogging to touchscreen head-units for biking all while utilizing dash platform and their maps. The GPS Cyclocomputer out of Bryton Sports that we analyzed was that the Rider 100 GPS Cycling Computer.

What is the Bryton Sports Rider 100 GPS Cycling Computer?

The Rider 100 GPS Cycling Computer is a biking specific mounted computer that detects motion and displays the speed, the distance you’ve traveled, the time you’ve been driving, and a number of other customizable items like cadence and heart rate. In addition, it monitors your ride for upload and viewing whether it’s on Bryton Sports dash or your ride sharing website like MapMyRide Strava, Training Peaks, Fit Track, or even even others. It gives excellent value for it’s cost with 36 information points that are automatic and customizable at70Usd the Rider 100E, for the version.


  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast positioning.
  • No speed sensor installation needed. Just power on and go.
  • Slim and lightweight design.
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Large and easy-to-read display
  • 7 customizable data screen with maximum of 5 data per page
  • Compatible with ANT+ HR monitor, speed and cadence sensors.
  • Anti-glare display for daytime and clear backlight for night rides.
  • FIT file format for viewing stats on Bryton’s Dashboard or uploading to Strava, Training Peaks, or Fit Track.
  • 25 hour battery life. USB recharge.
  • 300 hour log history. 130 laps maximum.
  • A variety of ways to mount on your handlebars/stem.

Facts and Opinion

The computer mount was quite easy to prepare, and immediately detected satellite reception. The computer lets you know that it asks in the event that you would like it to begin recording and felt motion. You are able to alter the specifications to capture the time or to document while. Lap or Interval times are simple to begin with the push of this orange button at the center.

It’s simple to get into the main menu (press on the trunk and webpage button at precisely the exact same time) to see history or to alter the preferences. You’re able to download software in your computer to handle GPS info and upgrades but you can make a Bryton account in their site to upload your info and get it handled and saved on their system which includes maps.

Together with the maps, you can produce routes that could be uploaded into a number of the apparatus of Bryton even though the Rider 100 isn’t among these. In the stage you can easily see your journey and upload it into MapMyRide, Strava, Training Peaks, Fit Track, or a different website.


  • Very precise place and rate sensing.
  • Simple to mount with a number of sized rubber straps.
  • Safe mount, even over the roughest of terrain.
  • Automated backlight screen in low light conditions.
  • Screen mechanically adjusts to the amount of inputs: speed, distance, heart rate, etc..
  • Easy uploads to Strava, TrainingPeaks, other programs, or even downloadable . gpx, . kml, . kmz, . bdx, . tcx files.
  • Automatically picks up your heart rate monitor if you’re riding with you.
  • Is watertight. (rode at a substantial downpour for a couple hours without difficulty.)


  • The rubber mounting belts look as they can break because of their slenderness. (They haven’t yet after a couple weeks of studying and regular riding.)
  • The Rider 100 doesn’t match using a power meter that’s unfortunate if you’ve got one as you must then ride with two computers on your own handlebars/stem.
  • The computer doesn’t turn off immediately once you return to a halt even after a couple of minutes that drains the battery.
  • No additional downsides for this. This computer does exactly what you expect and does this well.


The Bryton Sports Rider 100 Cycling Computer is in an excellent price for what you buy and how it contrasts to Garmin. It retails for $70Usd

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