What Cleat/Pedal Combination do I Need?

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Are You Currently a Mountain Biker?

If you’re a mountain biker, you are taking a look at our assortment of clipless pedal systems. We inventory clipless systems in the following brands:

What Pedal Combination Do I Need

  • Shimano SPD (Shimano Pedalling Dynamics) – SPDs were the first mass produced off-road clip-in system, and still remain the most popular. They are known for their performance on the trail and their durability.
  • Crank Brothers – The Egg Beater style mechanism on Crank Brothers pedals sheds mud nicely, and allows you to clip in on four sides of this pedal. They do need more upkeep.
  • Time ATAC – Another long time favorite with mountain bikers and cyclocross racers alike. Favoured shedding release and consistent and skills engagement, even.
  • Speedplay Frog – As with their road pedals, Speedplay have integrated the spring mechanism within the cleat rather than on the pedal. They’ve a reputation for durability, and plenty of float; but the cleats are bigger than most and a few shoes may require modification to the fold, to match the cleats.
  • LifeLine – This is Wiggle’s own brand, and provides excellent value and functionality. Ideal for beginners and intermediates.
  • Appearance S-Track – These have been used by professional grade mountain bikers to achieve World Championship podiums on various events. Contact area between shoe and pedal improved.
  • Ritchey – High-end pedals by a heritage brand. Ritchey have a reputation for delivery quality parts.



Are You Road Cyclist?

If you’re a road cyclist, you are looking mostly in our three-bolt clipless pedals array. In Wiggle, we inventory systems that are three-bolt from the following brands:

  • SPD SL – The Shimano relies on the Look system although they’re not compatible. Shimano have a selection of pedals from budget to end and are well known for their durability.
  • Look- Look developed the contemporary clip-in road pedal from ski binding technology from the 1980s. Since their basic system layout has changed little but they have utilized the most up-to-date in technology and materials to make sure their pedals are some of the lightest and best.
  • LifeLine – These are Wiggle’s own brand pedals, and offer exceptional value, with similar performance characteristics to Shimano.
  • Speedplay – Speedplay are distinct from some other clip-in systems in that the mechanism is integrated in the cleat. This allows you to clip into either side of the pedal and the system has float alteration. This does however indicate that the cleats are somewhat more expensive than a number of other brands.
  • TIME – Time pedals have existed on the road cycling scene for a long time, and also have a cult following for their reliability and functionality.

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