Basketball Position

Nowadays, it is common to see players capable of playing multiple positions on the pitch. As everyone knows, there are only five players allowed on the pitch from each team. Every position on the field can be seen more as a role than a position. As previously stated, the game of mlb basketball has evolved over the years where you can see players developing more hybrid roles and playing more than one position.

Point keeper:

This person tends to be in a leadership role on the pitch, as he or she is always carrying the ball up and running the game. The point guard must be the best ball handler, dribbler, and passer of most players on the team. The point guard is responsible for bringing the ball onto the court at the start of play. Point guards tend to be the smallest and fastest players on the team as well and use their knowledge of the game to coordinate fouls. Not necessarily known for their shooting as that is not their main role in the field. However it is common to see point guards shooting as many times as other players on the field as well.

Shooting Ranger:

This player is also one of the minor players in the team. Shooting guards must have skills such as fast dribbling, passing and have good field vision as well as point guards. Shooting guards also have the same skills as point guards such as bringing the ball to the court and managing offensive play. The shooting guard tends to be the player who makes the most shots on the field. Shooting guards also tend to be three-point specialists and accurate shooters. In terms of height, shooting guards tend to be taller than point guards and their shooters are more accurate than point guards.

Small Forward:

The interesting thing about small forwards is that they usually have the skills and abilities to play inside and out. Skills such as ball handling, passing, field awareness, post movement, and occasional shooting.

Power Forward:

The power forward on a basketball team is usually the second tallest player on the team, who is close to the center in attributes and style of play, but faster in pace. Power forwards have a role to play in the ring or play on the wings or corners of the field. Most power forwards in the football game today tend to have more advanced strokes and it is more common to see power forwards shooting three points.


At the offensive end of the field, the center is responsible for opening paint for easy buckets using techniques such as jump shots, hook shots, and precision in using the backboard to make baskets. At the defensive end of the field, the center is responsible for locking in the defense by blocking shots and passes and getting rebounds.