College football is a freer game than the NFL. Coaches are not afraid to try playing tricks and operating options. As a result, the points could really add up. One of the catches that many college football bookmakers who also bet the NFL fall into is handicapping the game as if it were the NFL. The NFL has all of the best recognized players in the world. In college football, there are a handful of NFL-type players who score just an average player. Therefore each has its own tactics. College football has been called a pure game.

The players are out there on the playing field for the glory and pride of the school. They are not paid and many of them want to get shot in the NFL. Year in and year out we hear top program names like Ohio State over and over. College football doesn’t have a salary cap and nothing is preventing the school from signing up for many of the top recruits in the country.

High school recruits are more likely than USC and Texas colleges.

Good players want to play in good schools. Thus better performing schools have fair opportunities than schools with poor performers. In the NFL, you would hardly ever see a spread between two teams in the 40s. However, it is a common occurrence every week in college football. Yes, the favorite team covered it too.

One aspect of the game that should be on the mind of betting is motivation. If a game features two bitter rivals, the game can become a hot competition no matter what skill level. If nothing else, the worse team can stay closer to the favorite. It is very important that you analyze the coach as well. The efficiency of the coaches is a vital consideration.

Does the coach like to run a lot?

Does the coach like to break free even when the game is won? Here is the case in points. Air force teams were effective over the years at keeping the ball 80% of the game. If they play a soft moving team, come on. If you understand team strategy than there is a fair chance of winning. If the Air Force were playing a poorer, record wise, team that had really solid running defense, what would you do? If you’re just a college football handicapper looking to win / lose, you’re likely to flop.

In the pros, the team is more apt to adapt. If running doesn’t work, they go into the air. Instructions on the game plan in College football are usually followed throughout the competition. If the team is made up of running power plants, they are prepared to keep running, because that’s all they can really do. Don’t compare the NFL to college football. While it’s football, it’s really not the same game. A professional handicapper will provide you with the right betting advice and strategy.