A new basketball hoop is a fun addition to your home. This will allow your friends and family to exercise while playing an exciting game of MLB. Circles are an investment that should be carefully considered to suit your budget and situation. Here are some features you should consider.

Portable or Permanent

The decision to make the circle permanent or not depends on your needs. If you don’t have much space and have to move the hoop, then you might consider a portable solution. This may require adult assistance as the hoop tends to be weighed at the bottom to prevent tipping over. This is not a great solution for teenagers who like to dip the ball due to its lower stiffness. Also if you live in an area prone to high winds then the ring is at risk of being damaged.

If there is a location that will always be used for basketball then you may want to consider setting it up permanently. The more popular brands allow for a semi-permanent solution where the anchor bolts are cemented in the ground and the posts are secured on top. This is more desirable than sinking the posts in the ground, which requires a lot of work to dismantle.

Can be customized

Most backboards are usually adjustable with a handle. Read reviews on how easy it is to fit the boards in the hoop as some may require adult assistance. Younger children will be able to shoot a ball between 6 to 8 feet. Children over the age of 9 can play at a height of 10 feet according to regulations.

Breakaway Rim

This means that the rim will flex if the overzealous teen does the jam monster. This feature prevents the rim or backboard from flexing too much and causing damage. This is a good option to consider if you have a lot of basketball fans in the family who like to remake the NBA highlights.

Back board

The type of material in the backboard can affect your budget as poly carbonate and acrylic tend to be less expensive while tempered glass is more expensive. The poly carbonate and acrylic are clear and provide some rigidity. Tempered glass is of higher quality, which gives the best reflection.

As the size of the board increases so does the price. Most boards range from 32 to 72 inches which is very large. I recommend keeping the size in the 50 to 60 inch range. A larger size will allow for more rebounds and less air ball chasing.

Pole Size:

Pole width is not so important for portable hoops but rather a factor in permanent installations. As with the board, the larger the width the more expensive the ring. Higher-priced systems have a 5-inch pole. If you plan to play rough then consider a wider post. Some posts may consist of two parts and are considered less sturdy but will be more budget friendly.

More tips


  • Look for a rust-resistant coating on all metal parts
  • Consider options such as post bearings and backboards
  • Several years warranty provides guarantee


additional information

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