A football visor in-helmet might be necessary for athletes who are sensitive to sunlight or afraid of injury. They are also very cool. Receivers and running backs need to take care of their eyes as they are often surrounded by defenders. Most leagues have very strict rules about in-helmet and other eyewear. They often require players to have a prescription that shows medical necessity.

Talk to your coach or athletic director

Your coach or athletic director should discuss your desire for a visor. What are the reasons you need a helmet? To prevent eye injuries? To avoid damage to an eye injury already existing? Sensitive eyes? Light sensitivity can cause migraines.

Your coach or athletic director will be able tell you the rules for your league. Some states, like New Jersey, permit only non-tinted sunglasses. Your team may have its own policies regarding visors.

Talk to your Team Doctor

Your team doctor should discuss your need for a helmet. While he may not be able write you a prescription, he should still be able answer any sports-specific questions. He might also be able refer you to an eye specialist who can write your prescription. Referring to a specialist in sports medicine can ensure you receive your prescription quickly.

You can bypass your team doctor to find an eye doctor by yourself. Make sure you’re clear about your requirements when you make your appointment. Tell the receptionist that you require a doctor to prescribe a football visor prescription and that you’re looking for an appointment for that purpose. Ask the receptionist to confirm that they can or will do this.

Talk to your eye doctor

Talk to your specialist about your requirements when you go to get a prescription for a visor. You can also tell the specialist if you are afraid of injury to your eyes. Do not make up eye conditions that aren’t there. The specialist will be able to discredit these claims and would then be less likely to prescribe you.

You should note that an eye doctor who has been referred by a specialist in sports medicine may be more inclined to prescribe a visor. She will already know that you have discussed the matter with a physician.

How to get the Visor

A prescription for a football helmet won’t be filled like a regular prescription. It is not possible to take a prescription for a football visor to your local pharmacy and leave with a visor in an empty bag.

Online ordering of football visors is possible (see references), without the need for a prescription. A good resource to use is your team’s equipment manager for ordering and obtaining a football visor.

In this instance, the prescription is not an authorization to buy but a license for use. This prescription is proof that you have a medical reason to wear the visor during games to prove to league officials and coaches. Keep it with your gear in case of an emergency. Ask your assistant coach or manager to keep the prescription for you on the sidelines while games are being played.