Every year, a new pro is designed. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it too and be one of the most successful in the field. You have to start polishing your shooting, defending and team play skills. You could easily be the best in the game. All it takes is a lot of practice and dedication. Once you master it, you will be ready to be counted among the best in the world.


You need to learn all the rules of the game very clearly. When you know the sport well, you will be able to play and understand it. You should learn what to expect as well as potential problems you can face. Talk to people who are experts in the game or visit a website. Talking to a coach and especially joining a team can really help you. Basketball is not only physical, but also mental. If you lack in any of the areas, then you will fail miserably.

Physical form

You have to be in the best shape physically. You have to go to the gym and exercise. You can shine on the pitch if you can outrun even the best players. The best players are the best goalscorers, the best defenders and the best team players. To enter all categories, you must be in the best physical condition. Do your push-ups; do core exercises, jump rope, and jump to improve vertical jump, and so on.


There are coaches who will tell you to only dribble using your fingertips. However, if you are interested in the best players of the day, you will see that they also use the whole hand. As you make more advanced moves during the game, you can find out what works for you and what doesn’t and therefore you will be able to concentrate more on that.

Shooting skills

This is something you really need to do. The best shooters in the game have to be imitated and then you need to model the actions they perform. Shooting skills are best practiced with active music. You don’t have to stand for this; You can lie down and just shoot in the air. You’ll also need to make a few free throws until you’ve perfected them.

When shooting, you must use BEEF. It means:

B balance. Make sure that you are balanced and then shoot.

E. eyes. Eyes must be on the basket when you shoot

E. elbow. Elbows should be pointing towards your body when you shoot

F: follow up. Make sure you follow up with a shot. The hand that shoots should be like the hand reaching into the jar.

Concentrate when you shoot too. You have to focus on the area where the ball will be directed. Don’t focus too much on the people around you. This goes hand in hand with awareness. When you know the other players and the possible options and plays, you will be very precise when shooting.

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