College football creates and infuses more passion from players, coaches, and most certainly fans than any other American sport. College football is hands down the best sport to follow.

College football is hands down the best sport to follow. College football creates and infuses more passion from players, coaches, and most certainly fans than any other American sport. The passion surrounding Saturday college football is only on another level and cannot be matched by any other sport in our country. And even though the NFL and the NBA get more viewers at the national level than college football, I still believe college football is the best. Let’s get to a solid list of why college football is better than the NFL or any other professional sport for that matter.


Walk the college campus the week before the big game. That’s what everyone is talking about. There is a certain tension in the air – because every fan knows they will pour so much of their own energy into Saturday’s celebrations and will support their team no matter what.

The rating. Let’s face it.

When your team brought back 17 starters and last year you finished at 10-2 coming off a big bowl win – you scoured the internet in early April for some obscure preseason rankings only to find out which website or magazine had your squad top-ranking.

That tradition.

Traditions are filled throughout the college football landscape. It wanders on street corners, in pre-game celebrations, in part-time marching band performances, in post-match rituals, every major competition game carries countless traditions.


Loyalty to a particular team can run for generations in a family. I will forever have a place in my heart for the University of Dayton – where I spent the great 4 years of my life. Whether you move far away or live in your hometown – you have a deep passion and care for your team. Absolute loyalty to your Alma Matter or the team your family has been with for generations cannot change and become a part of your lifestyle every fall.

Campus atmosphere.

This is wonderful. Let’s do some quick phrase association – crunchy fall tailgating on more than 110,000 fans, marching band traditions and more. This could go on for hours – I’ll spare you.

A living mascot.

Unfortunately, Michigan doesn’t boast a live wolverine on match day. However, back in 1927 Fielding Yost had brought 10 wolverines from Alaska and would bring two of them out at home on the big game day. But we all know that it is dangerous, therefore, the practice of bringing wolverine into the stadium must be stopped after only one year. Exercises continue for many schools across the country – some of the most well-known game day mascots are the Uga – the Georgia Bulldog; Ralphie – Colorado Buffalo; Bevo – the Texas Longhorn; Tiger – the golden eagle of Auburn; and finally buckeye – it’s the scary nut Ohio State fans wear around their necks who impose fear on anyone who makes eye contact with a ferocious nut. I heard that if you see a lost buckeye lying there on the ground – the safest thing to do is run in the opposite direction screaming obscene.


One of the best stories of the 2008 college football season was when Matt Williams, an average student, came out of the stands during half time and put home a 30-yard field goal in a kicking contest. Urgently in need of a kicker, the Texas Tech coaching staff are setting their eyes on the half-time star. Matt Williams ended up kicking an additional nine points on his debut.

Heisman Cup.

Perhaps the most respected award in all sports. Every year, the best player in the game gets this award – no money involved, no free car, nothing but a name etched in history.

Money, money! Not there! There are no 23 year old millionaires with bling bling in these teams. These players don’t make a dime out there. So it’s only natural for us fans to have more of an emotional connection with these kids putting them on the phone every week for their love of sports and school.

These are just a few reasons why I think college football can kick any other sport at any time. I could go on and on for days i just love college football and will forever be cheering on my favorite team.